Chinese Real Estate Agent Eileen Hsu award as PLATINUM Award winner on February 2015

Chinese Real Estate Agent Eileen Hsu award as PLATINUM Award winner on February 2015.

Our team work very hard in the year 2014 and helped many buyers and sellers to achieve their goal in either buying or selling Manhattan Real Estate. We appreciate everyone who we worked with in year 2014 and we look forward in working with everyone again in 2015. Thank you.

If you would like to work with us, please feel free to send us an email on your Real Estate inquiry.



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Merry Christmas 2014 from your Chinese Mandarin Speaking Agent

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from New York city from your Chinese Mandarin Speaking Real Estate Agent Eileen Hsu.



As year coming to an end, New York city is festive and lite up by many holiday lights. Christmas time is a wonderful time to visit New York city and take some photos of the glorious holiday lights everywhere.


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Chinese Real Estate Agent found NYC condo for second home buyers

Chinese Speaking Real Estate agent Eileen Hsu team found NYC condo for second home buyers in Manhattan New York.

Our team has been working under Douglas Elliman Real Estate for nearly 10 years, we have formed many great relationships with our fellow agents in the company and help each other with buyers and sellers when we can. Months ago, another agent in our company asked us to help them with the buyers to closed on a property, we were glad that we can lend a helping hand.


The buyers, Dr. Liu and Mrs. Liu are wonderful couple, they are educated, successful and children are grown off to college and now they were looking to purchase a second home in Manhattan New York while they are in NYC.  They were looking to purchase a NYC condo that they can use during the week while they work in Manhattan.

Luckily they were able to find a suitable condo in a convenient location near Central Park and they were very happy with the purchase.

At the closing table, there is the happy couple Dr. Liu and Mrs. Liu and sellers that were also happy that they were able to sell to a wonderful couple. It was a great day.


We are Chinese and English bilingual speaking Real Estate team, we work with both buyers and sellers. We pride ourselves to connect serious sellers with motivated buyers.

We are constantly educating buyers about the market place and as well as explaining the culture difference between East and West. Many buyers praised our professionalism and our sellers continues to refer their business to us because we sell their properties to many all cash buyers.

If you would like to work with Chinese Speaking Real Estate Agent Eileen Hsu and her team. Contact us today at (646)644-6929 or email using form below.

Chinese Mandarin Real Estate Agent Representing you in Selling or Buying in Spring Market

Spring is upon us, the market in Manhattan New York is indeed strong and very active. 暖春降臨,曼哈頓房市跟春天的氣息一樣活躍 As top Chinese English speaking team, we represent both sellers and buyers in Manhattan market place. Since the market is strong and moving steady, it is important for both buyers and sellers to have the right expectation when entering into the market. 我們是一個以中英文溝通的優越團隊,在曼哈頓房市裡代表著買方跟 賣方。以市場上踴躍及穩定的潮流,入市時,買家與賣家雙方必須要 有個合理的期望。這點非常重要。   When we represent sellers, we ensure to educate the seller in the most current market condition. Many of our sellers have been reading online articles and reports that this may be an advantageous market for sellers. This may be true, due to the low market inventory and surplus of demand, at the same, depending on the location, quality and the condition of each individual property, pricing correctly remind to be the very key to successful selling in this market 代表賣方時,我們會確保賣方的利益,提供他們正確的當下市場資訊 並分析會發生的情況。許多賣方經由我們在網路上提供的文章及資 訊,已清楚瞭解現在市場狀況對賣方較有優勢。這樣說沒有錯,主因 是因房市供需不均所造成,不過這也要看個別商品的環境,地點,及 屋況。在這種情況下我們會提醒賣方適當的訂價標準值,促進曝光率 及銷售。 CherryBlossom2014 When we represent buyers, we like to have a buyers’ consultation to start, we ask buyers the right questions and listen to buyers’ needs in buying in Manhattan New York. We cater and recommend different properties depending on individual buyers’ specific needs. Our buyers are often international foreign buyers, many of the buyers are internationally well travelled and savvy in terms to purchasing property/Real Estate in different parts of the country or world. There may be many preconception in terms of how to buy and sell Real Estate, therefore, we work hard to explain to them our unique market and the purchase process in New York city. 代表買方時,我們會先諮詢買方,提供一些基本問題瞭解買方的需求 及喜好偏向,這樣才能在短時間內在曼哈頓房市裡準確的找到可以滿 足買方需求上及想要的商品。我們會針對買方所提出的要求篩選幾個 在不同地區的商品給買方參考,讓買方了解曼哈頓各個地區差別。我 們的買方通常是居住在國外的客人,經常在海外遊走,也曉得在國外 不同國家投資(房地產)是最佳的選擇。很多人不理解為何紐約市房地 產規則那麼多,但經由我們的服務跟解說,在紐約曼哈頓投資買房已 經不再是件難事。 Reservoir Central Park 2014 MAY   If you are a seller, looking to work with a top selling team that can market your property locally and internationally, call us (646)644-6929. 若您是賣家,而且需要一個頂尖團隊銷售您的美國或國外房地產,請 給我們來電:+1(646)644-6929 If you are a buyer and would like to work with an experienced team that will ensure your purchase stress-free with efficient communication style. We are the team you should work with. Call us, (646)644-6929.   若您是買家,想要在紐約市資產,而且想要一個輕鬆愉快的購屋過 程,請跟我們的資深團隊聯絡。我們簡潔有效率的溝通方式會讓您覺 得在紐約市置產,是件輕鬆簡單的事。請電:+1(646)644-6929

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Chinese Mandarin Speaking Agent explain buying methods to buy NYC Condos

Chinese Mandarin Speaking Agent explain buying methods to buy NYC Condos

Many Chinese Speaking buyers contact us inquire about buying methods, whether it is all cash or financing is better in buying NYC condos. Depend on individual buyers scenario and market condition, we make the recommendation accordingly. The video explain briefly on the purchase method options in today’s market.



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Chinese-Mandarin Speaking Real Estate Agent Team work with SELLERS

Chinese-Mandarin Speaking Real Estate Agent Team work with SELLERS

We are a team of Chinese-Mandarin Speaking Licensed Real Estate agent team that specialize in connecting Asian buyers with exceptional properties in Manhattan New York.

We are a award winning team with Douglas Elliman Real Estate, New York premiere Real Estate firm.

Our special client base are high net worth buyers from various countries in Asia and as well as in United States, we have been connecting New York properties and investments to our special clients for the past decade.

Our team is bilingual Mandarin Chinese and English speaking. Our reputation and track record are the reason that our buyers trust in our advice and recommendation when it comes to purchase Manhattan Real Estate.

Manhattan Condo Sellers and Developers, we specialize in connecting Chinese Foreign Nationals investing in Manhattan New York and other parts of United States. We would be happy to discuss how you can benefit from working with our team to maximize your marketing exposure to an very special specific oversea market. We work with highly financial qualified buyers that are seeking to purchase multiple investment condominium units.

Are you a seller looking to introduce your exceptional property to Asian buyers?
We are the answer for you.

Do you own a condo or property that you would like to market to a special group of Chinese buyers?

Do you have a development project, buildings or retail space you that you would like Chinese buyers know about?

Do you own a business that you may want to market to Chinese community?

We as aggressive Chinese-Mandarin Speaking Real Estate agents can help you to reach those special Chinese/Asian buyers with our extensive VIP connections and aggressive marketing reach.

Year after year, we are Top Producing and award winning Real Estate team led by EILEEN HSU.         Our successful track record speaks for itself. We can market your property to the local Manhattan New York and national buyers, and our VIP list of buyers to ensure you reach maximum exposure.

If you are an serious seller with exceptional property and would like to work with an result oriented team that are bilingual Chinese Mandarin and English, we are the team for you.

Or Call (646)644-6929 and we will respond to your inquiry promptly.

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Mandarin Chinese Real Estate Agent help Parents Buy NYC Condos

We are Mandarin Chinese Speaking Real Estate Agents Team, one of our specialty is to help parents in buying New York city condos for the son or daughter that is relocating or currently live in New York.

Working with us, Mandarin Chinese Speaking Real Estate Agents Team, we will hep you understand many aspects of the purchase process, especially as parents buying for children. We work with many parents who are buying for their son/daughter that goes to New York University, Parsons school of design, School of Visual Arts, Columbia University, Jillards music school and other well known schools here in Manhattan New York.

Is this for your son or daughter that is currently working in Manhattan? Do they have a job stability or financial freedom? Are they currently renting and lease may be expiring soon or month to month arrangement? It is important for us to know the reason and time-frame so we can narrow down the search for you.

It is important to plan ahead and start the conversation with us earlier so you can better prepare when you visit Manhattan New York, and speak with all the parties involved (not you and your child but rather the right mortgage consultant/banker, accountant, a knowledgeable Manhattan Real Estate attorney.

If Buying all cash, and you are buying a condominium, the quickest we can close would be 45 days. If it is a cooperative, then it can be 90 or more days subject to condo board approval. If it is new construction condo, it can be two weeks up to unknown period of time depending on construction stage.

Mandarin Chinese Speaking Real Estate Agents Team help Parents buy NYC condos.

Mandarin Chinese Speaking Real Estate Agents Team help Parents buy NYC condos.

Accountant: If you are planning to co-purchase the condo with your child, be sure to discuss the possible tax complication you may have with your accountant. Speak to your accountant prior to your purchase can be very helpful.


Manhattan Real Estate Attorney: In addition, speak to a local Real Estate attorney will be helpful as well since the local Manhattan Real Estate can also advise you what is the best way to structure the purchase and think about who/how should take the title of the deed.
As the leading Mandarin Chinese Speaking Real Estate team here in Manhattan New York, we are experienced Manhattan Condo specialists that can guide you through this process and navigate through the Manhattan Real Estate maze. Whether you are a first time buyer, or an investor that have bought and sold multiple properties in other parts of United States or country, we can help.  Understanding the local market with the market expert can maximize your investment and avoid any possible problems down the rule.
Contact us today by completing the mail form below. Thank you.

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Chinese Speaking Agents-We help Owners find qualified tenants

Chelsea New York Carriage House 159 West 24th Street unit #4C

APPLICATION NOW PENDING! We represent the LANDLORD/OWNER to find the most qualify tenants for their investment property.

THIS WAS A TWO BEDROOM FOR RENT in CHELSEA neighborhood of Downtown NYC.

Chelsea Carriage House at 159 West 24th Street is a beautiful pre-war condo that was recently converted.

Chelsea Carriage House at 159 West 24th Street is a beautiful pre-war condo that was recently converted.

Building feature: 159 West 24th Street #4C has loft high ceilings and Italian wood built-ins, wide plank solid white oak floors, with classic details such as cast iron columns.  This country style kitchen has Italian wood cabinetry, Wolf gas cook tops, Wolf convection wall ovens, Sub-Zero refrigerators, and Bosch integrated dishwashers. The baths with Carrarra and Absolute White marble accents, and radiant heated floors.
This Chelsea apartment has been outfitted with custom built in desk and storage space, it has most ideal layout for two bedroom in the Chelsea neighborhood.
We ensure the potential tenant has good credit history, outstanding financial background, excellent references and good track record with previous landlord or financial payments.
We will help the owners find the tenants, complete the required paperwork with condo management, and facilitate keys exchange. We are the liaison between the owner and the tenants.
We have assisted many international and out of town condo owners to find the best tenants. If you are a condo owner and need help to find qualified tenants and without any stress or waste any time, call us today, at  (646)644-6929.


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Which New York city neighborhood is good to invest?

Which New York city neighborhood is good to invest? Our buyers from aboard often asks us this good question.

Many of our buyers from various countries of the world enjoy this great city and often when they come visit, they also like to “shop” Real Estate. One of the main reason is because Manhattan New York is a mature Real Estate city and savvy investors know that this is a secure market to diverse their Real Estate portfolio in. G_Starck_16C_View

Which New York city neighborhood is good to invest?, there is not a simple one answer that works for everyone.

Few aspects below will determine the answers for this question.

  • Lifestyle: Would you like to stay at this condo at all when you visit New York city? Or maybe to live there one day in the near future? Or this purchase is investment purpose? If you plan on living in the condo, then it is best to explore in neighborhoods that you like and socialize when you are in New York.
  • Price Range: Do you have a budget or set aside particular amount of funds to invest? We  have work with international foreign buyers that invested $3,500,000,000 USD sales price and rented the three bedroom condo for $17,500 USD per monthly rental. On the other end, we also worked with buyers that have spent $850,000 USD price range on a one bedroom condo and that can be rented anywhere from $3,575-$4,000 USD per month unfurnished depending building neighborhood and season of the year.  Therefore, this really depending on price range then we can narrow down the neighborhood.
  • Building amenities: International Buyers prefer to have five star services in the building or full service staff in the building. Do you prefer a condo with a pool? Or a condo with fitness center and spa? Or you do not have any preference? New York city Buildings with lots of amenities sometimes are newer buildings, these buildings are usually built after 1980s or some older building have added the amenities to suit residents interest.

We specialize in working with foreign international buyers and buyers looking for condo investment in Manhattan New York, we have detailed discussion with our buyers first so we understand their needs in order to provide the best solution and recommendation to them. Naturally, the best neighborhood answer will vary depend on each buyers’ needs as each person is unique and different.

Contact us by sending us an email, and we will reply to you promptly. Thank you.

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