You’ve heard it before that in Real Estate it is all about Location, Location, Location.

And in New York city, it is no different, but LET’S NOT FORGET THE COMPETITION!

The best locations to invest in are found in the most established residential neighborhoods. Everybody wants to be near their favorite restaurants, close to subway and fun places to shop.


At the same time, in New York city, there are some neighborhoods in good location that are also extremely dense with lots of condo and rental buildings.

From an investment perspective, every time your unit comes up for rent or for sale, there is going to be a lot of competition, making it that much harder for your unit to stand out from the crowd.

So when you are looking for your next investment, make sure you understand the location and most importantly your competition!



最佳的投資地點往往會坐落於… 每個人都想靠近他們喜愛的餐館、靠近地鐵與有趣的商店。




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Chinese Real Estate Investors work with New York Chinese Speaking Agents Team

Chinese Real Estate Investors work with New York Chinese Speaking Agents Team

Over the last few years, we are seeing significant amount of increase international Chinese Real Estate investors visiting  Manhattan New York to understand and consider residential and commercial properties.

Chinese Real Estate Investors work with our Chinese Real Estate Agent team to discuss what they like to achieve. Some investors are more aggressive would like to immediate return and high gains, while others prefer a longer term investment that they can reply on. We consult the investor buyers on what is realistic goals and what can be achieve within their comfort zone, our approach is create a workable plan for our investors and create wealth for our investor buyers and in return a long lasting working relationship.


The Chinese Real Estate investors are very interested in understand New York Real Estate because they agree that New York city market is mature and stable for long term Real Estate investments. We diligently provide them with New York Real Estate market trend, data and stats, inventory, and near future investment options.

Chinese Real Estate investors prefer to with our team as we are one of the most recognized top producing team in the market place, we can easily discuss with them the difference in purchasing Real Estate here in Manhattan New York versus to their home country or province. In addition, which is essential is that we have the same culture, often there are many things that is unsaid but understood among us. The investors rely on our experiences and track record to provide them with sound advice and guide them through the Manhattan New York market place.


Manhattan New York condo owners and property owners work with us as they would like to work with Chinese Real Estate investors, Chinese buyers are now making headliners in purchasing some of the most expensive and prestigious properties and land in New York and across United States. We have a network of VIP Chinese Real Estate investors constantly search for the right projects, if you are a Manhattan Condo owner or have properties and interested in selling to our network, contact us today.



Below are some recent articles about Chinese Buyers active in New York city Market:

Chinese Buyer purchased at $70M Manhattan coop http://therealdeal.com/blog/2015/03/10/chinese-buyer-pays-70m-for-sherry-netherland-co-op/

Chinese Buyers pushed up New York city and London Prices: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-01-19/chinese-hunt-for-trophy-properties-pushing-up-nyc-london-prices

Chinese Insurers companies active looking for properties:http://therealdeal.com/blog/2014/10/06/why-chinese-insurers-could-be-next-big-nyc-property-buyers/

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New York Top Chinese Real Estate Agent Team serving serious buyers and motivated sellers

New York Top Chinese Real Estate Agent Team serving serious buyers and motivated sellers

We are experienced bilingual Chinese and English speaking Real Estate agents in Manhattan New York.

A strong buyer’s agent will have a professional discussion with seller’s agent to gain insight on the property and insiders-track on the property, appropriate guidance and description of the property in question.

With buyers, we do not ask buyers to buy every properties they see, we rely on our experiences and market knowledge to make comments about each properties we visit, and if we do not feel the property is the right property for them, we are direct and straightforward with our buyers. This is the number one reason our buyers always refer their family friends to us, they often refer us as the Best Chinese Real Estate agent.

A reputable and connected buyer’s agent can save you time and energy, and money by connecting you with highly experienced service providers such as attorneys, mortgage professionals, insurance brokers, financial advisors, and other services that there are good working relationship with.

Here are just some of the praises our past clients said about our team: 之下是客人的推薦
Finding an apartment in Manhattan requires a lot of luck, not to mention if you are an international buyer finding your first home in this mega city. I was very lucky to have met Eileen. I had spoken with couple other brokers before contacting her. I decided to work with Eileen because she is among them all the most professional and efficient. She replied my emails promptly and provided me useful data on different Manhattan neighborhoods and inventory even before I arrived New York city. No time was wasted during my short stay in NYC. Eileen only showed me apartments that fit my needs and budget. She was also able to explain to my mother all the details in fluent Mandarin. I found Eileen more like a friend. She continues to offer help even after I moved in to the new apartment. I would recommend Eileen Hsu without hesitation. Cheryl Yang

因為是第一次在美國購置投資地產,許多方面不甚了解。幸好有Eileen為我們從地產種類,每個區域價位到購房手續一步一步細心指導。由於我們並不居住與紐約,往返行程匆忙,Eileen非常貼心得為我們制定好了充實合理有效率的open house行程,從看房到下訂單只花了一個禮拜左右的時間。由於是投資置業,房屋出租的問題我們起先也有不少的顧慮。Eileen主動提出為我們篩選租客,談定價格,並非常即時有效得和物業管理進行租賃合同意向的溝通,我們得以非常順利得在短短兩個月內購置、出租這套在十分符合我們心理價位和地段的房產。Ms Shen from Canada

我在寻找房子和买房子之间只花了一个多月的时间,在这么短的期间里Eileen 帮了我很大的忙,你只要提出你的要求她就能帮你找到你想要的,她会全心全意的帮你一直到你满意的为止,她的服务非常到位和非常专业,从找房,买房,谈价格,介绍律师等等,全部都帮你办妥。如果你有什么不懂的全都可以问她,例如买房子的保险,买家具的地址,等等。我非常感谢她帮我找到了我现在住的房子。如果我有朋友需要买房子我会强力推荐他们去找Eileen的。谢谢, JC XU.

Eileen was very helpful in helping me find my apartment in the West Village. I was interested only in condos in the area, a fact that she was very sensitive to, and made sure that I saw all the available apts in the west village as well as surrounding areas.   She was able to effectively communicate with my parents in Mandarin about the intricacies of the NYC real estate market, thus making the home-purchasing process an enjoyable and rewarding one. Two thumbs up!! Michelle Chuang

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Luxury Chinese Real Estate Agent New York city

Luxury Chinese Real Estate Agent New York city

Manhattan New York is the center of the world, on the daily basis we receive phone calls and emails on international buyers from oversea inquiring about New York properties.  Many of our oversea VIP buyers want to know the most to up to date Real Estate trend and their best options to invest in Manhattan Real Estate.

We are a bilingual speaking team that are known as Luxury Chinese Real Estate Agent Team in New York city that have work with many Chinese Real Estate investor groups, Chinese top ranking financial companies and Chinese private equity group in understanding the intricacies of Manhattan Real Estate.

When our team is working with our savvy Chinese Real Estate investors, the investors have vast interest in overall Manhattan investments, in additional to residential condo units, they also like to know about purchasing office buildings, bulk condo sales, package of retail spaces, hotels, and/or any Real Estate that has optimal return on their capital.

One of the segment of Manhattan Residential Real Estate that our buyers are very interested in is the The headline making luxury new construction condo buildings. Some of these new construction buildings with the penthouses that are being sold for over $100 Million USD, the buildings fighting for the designation of tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere.  Buildings that fall into this category such as 432 Park Avenue, 220 Central Park South, 520 Park Avenue, 111 West 57th Street, the Woolworth Building.

Luxury Chinese Real Estate AgentAs luxury Chinese Real Estate agent team in New York city, we are very familiar with these luxury new construction condo buildings and we often recommend them to our oversea buyers as they are the best of the best of Manhattan Real Estate in offering its full service lifestyle, one of the kind view, and ultimate top of the world New York living.
These luxury buildings the typical price point starts at $15,000,000 for entry level units, price per square feet of $5,000 USD per square foot, these units offer something unique, whether its the best views of Manhattan, a high level of privacy, access to the best amenities and high quality of design and construction, nothing is less than the best.
Our Chinese investors and buyers who are looking and purchasing in these buildings are extremely savvy and are always looking for the best of the best in this city and decide which one best suits their distinct needs and ultra-luxury lifestyle.
If you have an ultra-luxury Manhattan New York residence that you think our luxury international buyers may like, feel free to contact us and we can discuss in details on how we can market your property to our network of luxury buyers.

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Chinese Speaking Buyers’ Agent

Chinese Speaking Buyers’ Agent

Eileen Hsu and her team are seasoned and accomplished Buyers’ and sellers’ agents speaks both English and Mandarin Chinese. The team is well versed with Manhattan New York Real Estate market. The Eileen Hsu team a part of Top Producing Agents with Douglas Elliman Real Estate company in Manhattan New York.


As a buyer, there is no cost for you to use the services of a Manhattan New York Condo Buyer’s representative. Since each Manhattan New York Real Estate market is unique and very special, we will first have a confidential consultation discuss what you are looking for and the current market condition so we can narrow down the search to specific condo or desirable neighborhoods.

Chinese Speaking Buyers’ Agent – Consider some of the other key advantages of buyer’s agent:

1) A top Chinese buyer’s agent save you time, there are many properties websites out there with various informations. An efficient buyer’s agent can help you digest and filter a list of properties. More importantly streamline the search process. Discuss and critique each property before setting an appointment.

2) Experience Chinese buyer’s agent have immediate knowledge of condos coming on to the market, getting your appointments organized ahead of other buyers and have a chance to make an offer.

3) Top Chinese Real Estate agent can access to current and past price data for the area in which the desired property is based. Sometimes ‘in contract’ prices that is not yet publicized to the general market, this can be very essential when it comes to making a fair market offer to the current seller. Discuss a strategic buying tactics that put you as a buyer in the best position to buy for the most optimal price possible.

4) A strong buyer’s agent will have a professional discussion with seller’s agent to gain insight on the property and insiders-track on the property, appropriate guidance and description of the property in question.

5) A connected buyer’s agent can save you time, heartache and dollars by connecting you with trusted and experienced service providers such as attorneys, mortgage professionals, insurance brokers, financial advisors, and other services that there are good working relationship with.

6) An experienced buyer’s agent has the ability to red flag any items that merit questioning at the negotiating and offering stage. Most importantly, an award winning buyer’s agent will guide and negotiate on buyers’ behalf, especially if the seller has an agent negotiating for them. When we have a search plan established, we will set up showing appointments and visit with you to see the different properties that are available for sale.  We have access to the entire Manhattan New York condo database.  We can visit any properties that is currently for sale within the criteria whether it is listed with our company or other reputable Real Estate companies. This will ensure that you have the opportunity to see every condo  that may work for you.

We are well versed in the Manhattan New York condo market, and have successful working experiences in catering to our buyers needs.

If you would like to work with a top team that has excellent track record to gain you through your buying process, contact us today (646)644-6929.  https://chinesemandarinrealestateagentnyc.com/contact-me/

If you already have a property in mind and would like us to represent you in submitting an offer, please contact us immediately as we can discuss strategies and pricing to put you in the most optimal position.


Read about our other past buyers’ successful testimonial:


Mandarin Speaking Agent Eileen Hsu and her client who just closed on her property at the closing table.

Mandarin Speaking Agent Eileen Hsu and her client who just closed on her property at the closing table.

A very savvy and wonderful buyer recently closed on a luxury high-rise condo in Midtown Manhattan. It was pleasure working with the buyer and his family.

A very savvy and wonderful buyer recently closed on a luxury high-rise condo in Midtown Manhattan. It was pleasure working with the buyer and his family.


A young professional buyer found Eileen Hsu and her team online and bought a fantastic Midtown condo.

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325 Fifth Ave Midtown Two Bedroom Two Bath For Sale

325 Fifth Ave Midtown Two Bedroom Two Bath For Sale

Two bedroom condo on Fifth Avenue with Views of the Empire State building, this Two Bedroom Two Bathroom Condominium is now available at the always in demand 325 Fifth Avenue Condominium.

  • Price: $2,000,000
  • Monthly Maintenance/CC: $1,238
  • Monthly Real Estate Tax: $1,191
  • Approximate Sq. Feet: 1,176 (sqft)


A spacious balcony connects right off the living room for morning coffee or afternoon tea with direct views of the Empire State building and Fifth Avenue architecture.


325 Fifth Avenue #11A layout is fantastic,  the apartment has an open kitchen and spacious living room create a perfect balance for entertainment and relaxing, the master bedroom is spacious as well, with very generous closet space with your ensuite master bathroom.

This two bedroom and two bathroom unit also has your own Washer/Dryer!

A front and center view of Empire State building.


325 Fifth Avenue is one of the most sought after white glove Fifth Avenue Condominiums.

The luxury amenities at 325 Fifth Avenue are impressive. Building service include the full time doorman and concierge, fully outfitted fitness center, pool, children’s playroom, business center, resident’s lounge that includes billiards and large outdoor terrace.

This is a wonderful two bedroom/two bathroom on the 11th Floor. It is well priced and a must see.

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How to determine a good NYC condo investment?

How to determine a good NYC condo investment?

We talked on the phone with a lady from Hong Kong today who is looking to purchase a condo investment here in Manhattan New York because she believes now is a good time to invest in Manhattan New York.

We are seeing a lot of condo sale activities coming from Hong Kong buyers and many of our serious buyers are finding good long term investments with our help.


We talked in details with her and her investment goals and based on her criteria, we will email her some potential properties and when she arrive at New York, we will have narrow down to 5 properties for her to finalize.

Before we hang up the phone, she asked me what determines a good Manhattan New York condo investment.

Below are the few points in our suggestions to her:

Investment Location: This is number one key in Real Estate investment, many of our Chinese buyers are very savvy and sophisticated with this concept. Many of our buyers have purchased properties in other prime neighborhood of other countries.  New Yorker rely on public transportation, so convenient location such as subway, trains and buses stations is ideal.  If the building is near a subway station, the condo is easier to rent out or resell in the future. Nobody ever complains about having too many transportation options, but they definitely complain about having to walk 15 minutes just to get to a subway.

Condo Carrying charge: Many of our international and Chinese buyers invest in all cash, no US mortgage. So if you are purchasing this all cash, after you purchase the condo, you, the owner (or landlord) is responsible to pay condo common charge every month and Real Estate taxes every three month (per quarter yearly). So if the condo building has lower combined carrying charge (the common charge and Real Estate taxes), the more net profit there is on the investment for you the owner. Every condo building is different when it comes to the common charges and real estate taxes so determining the value proposition each building has is a necessary aspect of the purchase.

Condo Sale price: The sales price of the condo is often determined based on what has been sold in the building before, for example, if in the same condo building, condition, view & exposure, unit size and layout is the same sold for $1,500,000 last week, and you can buy the downstairs unit with identical condition and layout for $1,450,000 because the seller is very motivated, then you may be buying a deal, relative to units in the building. When it comes to condo sales price comparison of ‘a deal’, it is always ideal to compare within the same building, same neighborhood, same period of time of the market condition and exposure of the condo to determine if it is a good deal or not.


Condo building house rules and rental policies: Each condo building is governed by a board of directors that will ensure building quality of life is up to its standard. Each condo building will have its own “House Rules & Policies” that residents will have to abide by and follow. Although condo generally have very flexible and unlimited sublet or rental rules, each condos can still have specific rules about the rental process. This can be sublet fees that is due by the owners, sublet renewal fees, application process and etc. As an investor, it is very important to know these specifics and evaluate if this works for your scenario. We have sold in many Manhattan condo buildings, so we are very familiar and well versed in many condo buildings’ policies and what are some of the common practice.

Team up with experienced Real Estate Professionals When determining a good Manhattan New York condo investment, ultimately we are talking about a property that is going to hold it’s value and have the best opportunity to maximize appreciation in the future.  Every person comes with their own thoughts on what makes a good investment, but working together with us, experienced Real Estate agent in the Manhattan condominium market our experience will help you make a more well informed buying decision.

Our team work with many buyers who would like to invest in Manhattan New York not just Chinese speaking buyers, many of our buyers are international or out of town buyers that rely on our guidance and recommendation on how to navigate through this market place. If you are interest in finding a good Manhattan New York investment, give us a call at (646)644-6929.

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Quality of Life Tips when buying New York city condo

Quality of Life Tips when buying New York city condo

Other than finding the right New York city apartment, there are other things to consider when you buy a condo here in Manhattan New York. When working with our out of town or Chinese Speaking Buyers, we educate the buyers and go over every step of the buying process with them and often discuss the quality of life items with them so they are very prepared to be a New York city condo owner.

1- Subway train station or Bus stops – Majority of Manhattan residents move by public transportation, it is a convenient and fast way to go from place to place. Do you want to buy a condo that is close enough that you can get to the train or bus stop in short time, at the same time, do you want to buy a condo right near the subway station?

Maybe it’s good idea to walk around the condo building you would like to buy to see how noisy or foot traffic there is right by your home. It is always good to visit the building few times during the day, afternoon and at night to see if you feel good about it.

2- Manhattan New York Traffic
– When you want to live in Manhattan New York, it is true that this city does not sleep, neither is the traffic (ok, maybe it slows down a bit at night).

New York city taxi cab and public transit is on 24 hours. If you are buying an condo unit, think about how sensitive you may be with the New York city sounds, if your bedroom window is looking a one way street, or if you are mid-block facing the street, the most likely the street will be quieter than if you are facing a multi-lanes Avenue.

If you are on the lower floor and facing the street, sometimes you may hear the pedestrians if your neighborhoods have a lot of foot traffic. This all depends on the noise sensitivity level and each apartment’s exact exposure to determine what will work for you. Of course there is no one perfect apartment, there has to be some give and take compromises… keep in mind that this is a busy city, anywhere you decide to call your home will have some city noise, so just find the one that you can live with and have realistic expectation.

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