Chinese Real Estate Agent found NYC condo for second home buyers

Chinese Speaking Real Estate agent Eileen Hsu team found NYC condo for second home buyers in Manhattan New York.

Our team has been working under Douglas Elliman Real Estate for nearly 10 years, we have formed many great relationships with our fellow agents in the company and help each other with buyers and sellers when we can. Months ago, another agent in our company asked us to help them with the buyers to closed on a property, we were glad that we can lend a helping hand.


The buyers, Dr. Liu and Mrs. Liu are wonderful couple, they are educated, successful and children are grown off to college and now they were looking to purchase a second home in Manhattan New York while they are in NYC.  They were looking to purchase a NYC condo that they can use during the week while they work in Manhattan.

Luckily they were able to find a suitable condo in a convenient location near Central Park and they were very happy with the purchase.

At the closing table, there is the happy couple Dr. Liu and Mrs. Liu and sellers that were also happy that they were able to sell to a wonderful couple. It was a great day.


We are Chinese and English bilingual speaking Real Estate team, we work with both buyers and sellers. We pride ourselves to connect serious sellers with motivated buyers.

We are constantly educating buyers about the market place and as well as explaining the culture difference between East and West. Many buyers praised our professionalism and our sellers continues to refer their business to us because we sell their properties to many all cash buyers.

If you would like to work with Chinese Speaking Real Estate Agent Eileen Hsu and her team. Contact us today at (646)644-6929 or email using form below.

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