Buyer Service 買家服務

Eileen Hsu and her team are seasoned and strong Buyers’ and sellers’ agents that are well versed with Manhattan New York Real Estate market. They are a part of Top Producing Agents with Douglas Elliman Real Estate company in Manhattan New York.

許小姐和她的工作團隊在紐約市地產界擁有豐富的經驗及頂級專業,不管是買或賣紐約曼哈頓房地產,許小姐和她的工作團隊都可以達到符合您的需求。(許小姐跟她的專業團隊屬於普天壽地產集團 Douglas Elliman Real Estate 旗下。)





As a buyer, you should understand that in the state of New York, there is no cost for you to use the services of a Manhattan New York Condo Buyer’s agent. Since each Manhattan New York Real Estate market is unique and very special, we will first have a conversation about what you are looking for and the current market condition so we can narrow down the search to specific condo or desirable neighborhoods.

買方小提醒—依據紐約州地產法規,我們買方經紀人提供的諮詢服務不收任何費用。曼哈頓绝大多數的地產交易都是由買賣雙方的經紀人參與的由於。費用是賣主的責任。紐約曼哈頓在地產界屬於特殊的景塊,擁有他獨立的法規跟市場,我們提供給您 的諮詢將為謹慎保密,內容及需求只有您跟我們知道。我們會依據您提供的需求尋找符合的案件。

When you are searching for a Manhattan New York condos whether for investment, vacation home or for your children, there are several New York city neighborhoods and condos that you can view based on your specific criteria and lifestyle.


When we have a search plan established, we will set up showing appointments and accompany you to see the different properties that are available for sale whether the condo is listed with our company or any other Manhattan New York brokerage firm. We have access to the entire Manhattan New York condo database. This will ensure that you have the opportunity to see every condo  that may work for you.


You as our buyer will be guided and advised on each condo  we see together. You can then have a better idea of  Manhattan New York condo inventory, this way you can then make an educated decision on which Manhattan New York condo is going to work best for you and your lifestyle.


We are well versed in the Manhattan New York condo market,  new development condos, and have successful working experiences in catering to our buyers needs.


If you would like to find out more information or learn about more Manhattan New York investment opportunities, please contact Eileen Hsu and her team today. We will respond to your promptly.

如果您想知道更多關於投資紐約曼哈頓公寓的訊息,請立刻與許小姐和她的團隊聯絡。請電至:+ 1 (646) 644-6929 我們會盡快的答覆您。


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