Quality of Life Tips when buying New York city condo

Quality of Life Tips when buying New York city condo

Other than finding the right New York city apartment, there are other things to consider when you buy a condo here in Manhattan New York. When working with our out of town or Chinese Speaking Buyers, we educate the buyers and go over every step of the buying process with them and often discuss the quality of life items with them so they are very prepared to be a New York city condo owner.

1- Subway train station or Bus stops – Majority of Manhattan residents move by public transportation, it is a convenient and fast way to go from place to place. Do you want to buy a condo that is close enough that you can get to the train or bus stop in short time, at the same time, do you want to buy a condo right near the subway station?

Maybe it’s good idea to walk around the condo building you would like to buy to see how noisy or foot traffic there is right by your home. It is always good to visit the building few times during the day, afternoon and at night to see if you feel good about it.

2- Manhattan New York Traffic
– When you want to live in Manhattan New York, it is true that this city does not sleep, neither is the traffic (ok, maybe it slows down a bit at night).

New York city taxi cab and public transit is on 24 hours. If you are buying an condo unit, think about how sensitive you may be with the New York city sounds, if your bedroom window is looking a one way street, or if you are mid-block facing the street, the most likely the street will be quieter than if you are facing a multi-lanes Avenue.

If you are on the lower floor and facing the street, sometimes you may hear the pedestrians if your neighborhoods have a lot of foot traffic. This all depends on the noise sensitivity level and each apartment’s exact exposure to determine what will work for you. Of course there is no one perfect apartment, there has to be some give and take compromises… keep in mind that this is a busy city, anywhere you decide to call your home will have some city noise, so just find the one that you can live with and have realistic expectation.

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