Mandarin Chinese and International Buyers NYC condo checklist

We are bilingual Mandarin Chinese and English speaking Real Estate agents that are Manhattan New York Condo specialists, we work with many Chinese/International out of town investors and buyers that would like to acquire a Manhattan New York condo as part of their investment portfolio.


As Mandarin Chinese and English Speaking Real Estate Agents, we helped our buyers by have a check list of basic steps to educate the buyers as to how to get started. Here is a good check list:


  • If you are a buyer that need financing. Consult with a reputable lender or mortgage consultant to see how much can you finance in today’s market. In today’s market, lending guidelines are changing by the day, it is in your best interest to see what will it take to qualify for a loan. (要先談論目前市場貸款詳細信息, 信用評分以外的許多條件)
  • Talk to your banker in your home country or town if you have money in bonds and money market. Find out how many days will it take to liquidate your funds so you know once we have a verbally accepted offer. In Manhattan New York market place, the seller seeks 10% of the sales price as down payment at the time of signing contract. With that being said, if you are buying $2,000,000.00 Manhattan condo, you will need $200,000.00 at contract signing. (如果現金購買-股票和債券,需要變現,多少天)
  • Contact us to start the research of your Manhattan New York condo purchase.  As an international or out of town buyer, it is important to work with  experienced agents like us that speak your language, you want to find an agent that is familiar with the product that you are interest in buying. We are very well versed in Manhattan New York market, we have sold many Manhattan New York condos to first time home buyer, first time investors, foreign internationals, parents buying for children and many serious and motivated buyers.
  • Do Have a realistic budget of what you are looking for. Manhattan New York condo is approximately $1,000 per square foot, so unless you are looking for a 500 SF one bedroom, you will need more than $500,000.00 to buy a one bedroom condo. (the price will also depend on the building amenities, such as fitness center, residents lounge, roof deck, basketball court, swimming pools and etc.) (您的合理投資預算)
  • Do speak to an accountant to see if you need to structure the purchase in a specific way to enjoy the tax deductible benefits of buying a Manhattan Real Estate. If you are a first time home buyer, is it beneficial to co-purchase the condo unit with your parents or alone; If you are an foreigner, is it better to buy it under your own name or start an LLC?; If you are an out of town investor, is this purchase going to be an investment property or? (會見會計師,了解投資報稅細節)
  • Do have a Manhattan New York Real Estate attorney ready. Manhattan Real Estate transaction requires each buyer and seller to have an attorney representing them in drafting and finalizing the contract. A good attorney can save you headaches, money and risks, ask your agent to refer you (3) attorneys so you can call and interview. Explain to the attorney what you are planning to do, and see which attorney you feel most comfortable to work with. (準備-紐約市房地產律師,或者我們可以為您推薦)


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