Chinese Mandarin speaking Real Estate team in Manhattan

Chinese Mandarin speaking Real Estate team in Manhattan

Eileen Hsu and Catherine Jin are Chinese Mandarin speaking Real Estate team in Manhattan. Many buyers work with us because we are efficient, on point and direct. 

When representing buyers, we ensure we protect our buyers interests and negotiate the most favorable deal for our VIP Chinese buyers. Our past clients usually refer their family and friends to us because our exceptional service and result.

Our Chinese Mandarin Speaking Real Estate team are very well versed and experienced in offering helpful information for Chinese buyers and investors from local Manhattan communities, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore and the USA.

Call us today at (646)644-6929 and our experienced team and help you find the right investment today in New York.

Eileen許 和 Catherine金 是在曼哈頓地產界中會說普通話的華人專業團隊。許多買家與我們合作,因為我們高效率,直率、切入重點,不耽誤客戶保貴時間。



會。若想知道更多詳情請打電話與我們連繫 (646)644-6929。

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