About Eileen 許小姐

Eileen is also a Vice President 副總 of top producing New York city Real Estate firm of Prudential Douglas Elliman. Eileen has a dedicated team that assist both motivated sellers and serious buyers who are looking to sell or buy property in Manhattan New York.

許小姐 (Eileen Hsu) 是有經驗豐富的房地產經紀人,是全美國 1%最成功經紀人之一。專辦紐約曼哈頓地產,主辦高級康鬥市場買賣。會講中文,台灣話和一流英文。許小姐 (Eileen) 經常能為客戶找到短期內升值很快的房子。今天您如果要在這裡投資, 或著說幫孩子買房子, 請您跟我來電, 我們可以詳細的談,電話是 646-644-6929 免費提供買方優質服務。

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